Winches and rotary works for mobile, port and construction cranes are Siebenhaar’s historical core business. Since the time our company was founded, we have been an internationally renowned leader in this product area. Today, we supply almost all large and well known OEM customers in this sector and annually equip more than 3,000 cranes, excavators and drilling rigs with hoisting and auxiliary winches, and rotary and pivotal works from our production.


  • In its many trolley and seesaw boom cranes, for example, the WOLFFKRAN Company uses the Siebenhaar drive technology. Thus, the currently world tallest building, the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, 1007 metres high, is being built by a Wolff crane using Siebenhaar high-speed winches.

  • The new ATF 600G-8 mobile crane with its newly developed main boom system without a bracing winch can move up to 600 tons of lifting capacity and is, since 2015, expanding the Tadano Faun product range upwards. The hoisting winch, as one of the key components of the device, comes from Siebenhaar.

  • Also in rope excavators, drilling rigs, and other specialized machinery for the construction industry, the Siebenhaar planetary gear, hoisting and free-fall winches, and rotary and pivotal works are used. This example shows a SENNEBOGEN rope excavator featuring the Siebenhaar winches.

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